film edit draft 1


What I have learnt from the ancillary tasks

Film Posters:

I have learnt from film poster analysis, about many things for example I have learnt about colours for the main background and the impact that it makes on the overall impression of the project, I have also studied and learnt how to correlate the colour of typography with the style and font of the typography and the main background image, I have also learnt about positioning in terms of main foreground image and background images, and how to manoeuvre the positioning in relation to the text. I have learnt about font styles and the credit font and how to lay it out, I have had experience in making a teaser and a main feature film poster, so I can hopefully put my knowledge from previous experience and my research into making an excellent and professional looking poster.

Website analysis:

The main thing I have learnt from website analysis is the layout and structure of the site, and what to include in each page, I have also analysed 10 sites so I have seen a variety in how the website is set out and how many sub pages feature in each site, I have never had the experience of making and designing a website, so I am a little nervous and anxious about creating it, and expanding out of my horizons, but I know in order to create a successful and engaging film website, I will have to do excessive research and do excess blog posts on how to create and design a successful website. However due to my themes and my initial idea, I can’t wait to begin the creative process on all three tasks.

Short films:

I have analysed so many short films so I can have an excellent and professional looking product, so many films that I have seen show a variety of techniques and professionalism, I have seen that many films show a wide range of different techniques in camera, editing, sound and mise en scene, I really want to make my overall product look as professional as I can so in order tp do this is will do practise shoots with the equipment so I know how it is supposed to look, and I will do location scouts so I can get an impression of how the shots will look. Another ky feature that affected the look and professionalism of the films was the storyline.  So storyline is important and I will continue to perfect this until its right, and affective, and will intrigue and excite the audience.



Target Audience Research Analysis

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Question 1:

What is your age?

10% were in the age category of 12-15

62% responded as being 16-18

6% responded as being 19-21

4% responded as being 22-30

and 18% responded as being 31+

Through these responses and analysizing the results in terms of my genre and themes that will be presented in my film, I have decided to categorise my film as an 18, due to the fact that majority of responses were from an age range between 16-18, so I feel that my film will be received well and have a better response from this age category.  It also gives me a lot more freedom to be creative and innovative as it is appealing to people of about my own age.

Question 2 :

What is your gender?

87% responded as female

13% responded as male

This response shows me that the majority of my audience will be female, however this could mean many things it could mean that they would prefer the protagonist to be female, as they would like to see a female in the lead role, or it could mean they would want to see a male as the protagonist. I will either make the decision to break or conform to stereotypes.