feedback on draft 1 of film

My feedback for my first draft of my film, was that I had an excellent variation of shot types and angels, which I did not initially plan for, they were just spontaneous and creative when I was on set and in the zone. I also had feedback that one of my strengths was that my camera manoeuvring was professional and controlled. My improvements are to re- edit my ending to be more dramatic, and to add the missing audio.

The timings where I am going to add things are :

0.37: I will make the boo sound effect more louder and rounder, and then cut to silence to add to the drama.

0.56: I need to include the sound of her mum calling her.

1.41: I need to add a heartbeat sound effect or a pulsing effect, to add intensity on the 360 shot.

3.48: I need to brighten the footage as it is too dark and grainy.

And the I also need to reedit the ending to make it more dramatic and intense to match my genre which is a thriller.

production titles

I made a production title to appear at the beginning, adding a production company, adds to the overall film and once more adds a sense of professionalism to the final media product, as all films have a production title at the beginning to introduce the film, and I want dot make my product as accurate to an official product as possible.


I made a trailer to my film to include on my website, adding a trailer I feel just adds a sense of professionalism, and lets my audience know a little more about what the film will look like.