Target Audience Research Analysis

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Question 1:

What is your age?

10% were in the age category of 12-15

62% responded as being 16-18

6% responded as being 19-21

4% responded as being 22-30

and 18% responded as being 31+

Through these responses and analysizing the reuslt in terms of my genre, and themes that will be presented in my film I have decided to categorise my film as an 18 due to the fact that majority of responses peoples age ranged form 16-18, so I feel that my film will receive well and respond better with this age category it also gives me a lot more freedom to be creative and innovative as I have no concerns about the content due to the age rating.

Question 2 :

What is your gender?

87% responded as female

13% responded as male

This response shows me that the majority of my audience will be female, however this could mean many things it could mean that they would prefer the protagonist to be female, a they would like to see a female in the lead role, or it could mean they would want to see a male as the protagonist I will either make the decision to break or conform to stereotypes.





My short film initial idea (the treatment)

I want the film to open with a shot of the protagonists eyes shut, you can tell that she is in a disturbed slumber. She is tossing and turning to each side of her bed, until suddenly her eyes open and the camera stops on an extreme closeup of her face. Her eyes open wide and a smirk crosses across her face. the action then cuts to a doctors/ therapists office, the doctor then states ‘So mr and mrs …. this is what happened to your daughter.

The action then winds back to another shot of the girl sleeping his time however its the morning, we hear the sound of a notification coming from her laptop we can hear from the multiple sound going off that the sounds are coming from a social media profile, the protagonist stumbles out of bed and sits down int he chair and opens up her laptop. We can see that the messages popping up on the screen are messages that would be recognised as cyberbullying. She slams the laptop down, and starts to pace around her room with a sense of panic rushing through he, we gage that this has been going on for a while, buy she can’t tell anyone.

She leaves for school, she comes down into he kitchen and rushes past he mum as if in a hurry, so her mum doesn’t catch on she pour herself cereal, and her hands begin to shake, we think this is due to her situation that has just happened. She then  looks around the room and puts her head in her hands, we as the audience watching don’t think anything of it, however it is revealed later that these are the voices in he read. there is then a shot of her walking out of school, and she walks to a local park bench, we can see that she has scratch marks all over her arms, that look very similar to cut marks, she sits on the bench to get away from everything,

she looks down at her arms and holds onto he read as of in some considerable amount of pain. She runs back home and dashes into he door, she slams the door and slides down the front door and collapses in a heap on the floor surrounded by her are multiple letters she reads them and we realise that these are death threats, she runs up to her room, and grabs a gun from her bedside table she stands in the middle of her bedroom, and raises the gun to he head.  The lights suddenly cut to a black room where she is wondering around, one by one lights come on revealing many people all dressed in black with their backs completely facing away from camera so their faces are hidden. They all simultaneously then raise a gun to her as she is strapped to a chair. Suddenly one by one they remove their hoods, and we see that the hidden faces are all the sam girl .

The camera then cuts back tot the therapists office where the doctors reveal to her parents that their daughter is schizophrenic. This is all done with a voiceover explaining what happened to her and how she managed to complete the tasks of self bullying, for example there is shots of her as a child playing with dolls and having conversations with herself. There are shots of he looking with a blank expression making a fake online profile, writing death letter to herself and mailing them to herself, there are also shots of her a school scratching herself, as if someone has beaten an abused her. The final shot is her parents discovering their child in her room dead. (cut to black)


Film website analysis



If we look at the first picture we can pick out and learn so much about the film and what it is offering just from the title page, which is really important as this is the first thing the audience will see. As an editor of these pages, you want to make sure that they are eye catching and engaging to look at, you also want to sell the film without revealing too much, which I think they have nailed here.

The background of the home  page, as we can see, appears to be very dark, with a mixture of dark colours which connote a forbidding presence. The black background also emphasises the red balloon and the little child’s yellow coat so that they stand out dramatically.  Yellow represents happiness and red denotes danger, which completely juxtapose each other in mood. The child’s face, partly hidden by the bright yellow hood, is dark and mysterious and only slightly highlighted by the suggestion of moonlight or perhaps candles, shedding just the slightest light on the child’s features, but even more light is shed on the adult hand holding the string of the balloon, leaning towards the child. The stance of the adult is leaning down towards to child as if offering the balloon to him or her, and the title ‘IT’ placed on the darkened body of the adult in blood red connotes a dangerous, malevolent person, not a kindly one.

The tagline  at the top of the website states (hashtag) 1 movie in the world; this is a bold statement to make referring to any film, and this is done as if it were a trending statement about ‘IT’ on social media. The white typography also stands out boldly on the black background. This statement therefore draws the audience’s eyes to it automatically, as your eyes cannot miss it.  Not only the that, but the ‘hashtag’ statement itself is boldly suggesting to us that the film is already a massive success, so gives the audience a pre conceived idea of its popularity. It is a very clever marketing advertisement and placement on the website, designed to grab attention and manipulate the audience to view the movie as already a number 1 success. Also, there is a clip in the righthand of the website which will take us to the trailer, so you can watch and see a preview to the film without having to seek it on another platform, it is clearly found on the website; not only on the website, but it is one of the main features on the homepage, so an audience member or fan is not likely to miss it, and is tempted to watch it due to the review of it being the ‘1 movie in the world’.

Another addition added to the home page is the use of audience interaction and participation through social media. There are clear links on the homepage to each social media page, which is a great asset as not only does it help with the promotion of the film, but the fans and audience love that interaction, as they feel that they are involved with the film’s promotion, so they are then more likely to share the link and information on their social media. Overall, the title of the film and the typography used showcases and adheres to the thriller conventions; the text is red which, as, discussed earlier, connotes danger, and the font is in chilling, distorted fonts very stereotypical for a thriller film.  Also, the website is clearly set out with a contents side bar explaining all the sub pages; everything is clearly set out so the audience and fans can find and search for the specific thing they want to know about the film with ease. The overall look of the page is appealing, has impact and represents a thriller genre.





The colour scheme for this homepage is a duo of black and red; red, as mentioned previously, connotes danger, with the suggestion of blood, and black represents darkness, so the two colours create an eerie, dramatic, chilling tone to the webpage. It is also a useful background colour to choose, as black allows most colours to stand out  in contrast, and adds more intensity. The foreground and feature is a eerie, creepy image of a doll, that looks at first benevolent with wide eyes and a smile, but the eyes hold your gaze and it becomes more malevolent with red lips outlined in a clown like fashion. The face also has more lines on it than a doll would normally have, suggesting a life like quality. On the website is included a feature that allows the person using the website to move their curser over the doll and she lights up, so her intensity increases dramatically and shockingly. This is an innovative interactive resource that would appeal to many people. The overall feel of the webpage creates quite an ghostly, unnatural atmosphere due to it having one main feature, the doll’s face with no visible body; this sets the tone for a thriller film, as it make the audience feel uncomfortable but also fascinated to know more about the Annabelle Creation.

The tagline for the webpage is ‘the next chapter in the the conjuring universe’. This is a masterful tag line to grab attention, suggesting this is a follow up to a globally known film, which in this case is The Conjuring, which is a world renowned thriller film. This will appeal to the fan base for The Conjuring, as they will automatically be drawn in to watch the follow up.  The words The Conjuring are in bold white font set against the black background,  which stands out.  The editors of this site want the audience to immediately see that this film relates to The Conjuring, using the success of the latter as a platform to launch the follow up.

This website has many acccesable social media handles that are easy to access; this engages and attracts an audience to the webpage, as they feel engaged and involved with the film and its promotion. Excitement is generated as small teasers are released through social media, so they are likely to follow the page and share it. Another interesting observation about this webpage is that it’s not too busy.  They have one main feature and have stuck to that, whereas some websites are too busy and cluttered, making them unclear, so viewers would be more likely to  just click straight off.  If you have an engaging webpage, it instantly makes the film look and feel more appealing.

The layout is easy to negotiate around and locate information easily. The drop down side bar also directs you to different sub pages on the site, and also gives links to the trailer, a pre order link, and also a soundtrack. A soundtrack is really intriguing and important to set the tone of the film.  This link will encourage an audience member to listen to the soundtrack and get the overall feel for the film, which is an excellent marketing device. Overall this webpage is very effective for the style of film; the promotional aspects have been achieved, and it is simplistic yet most effective.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 18.17.12.png


This website is completely different in layout in comparison to the other film home pages that I have analysed. The website doesn’t have many other pages or a menu bar down the side of the film page, it is just one single page carrying the information about the film. However, immediately when you access the site the page redirects the viewer to the trailer. I personally feel that this is a very effective feature to have on the website, as you can immediately decide whether or not you are likely to want to watch the entire film from initial first impressions of the trailer. The trailer will have been cleverly edited to entice the audience just enough to want to watch the film.

The images presented on the webpage are clearly what the film is about;  sharks, and how to survive them.  In the top right hand corner of the screen there are pictures of sharks, swimming above a shark cage. The sharks are shot from a high angle looking down on the shark cage, shot from a low angle; this indicates to us that the sharks are being showcased as more dominant than the humans, the two female characters are trapped, huddled in the shark cage below them, making their position look dangerous and vulnerable, creating an essence of suspense for the audience.

The colours in the poster are very apt for the film; the blue is representing the ocean, calmness and cold, and the lack of ripples suggest an essence of serenity.  However, in complete juxtaposition, the red, bold writing denotes danger, murder and blood. The red writing also stands out against the blue background, so your eyes are immediately drawn to the colour of the writing, and knowing the connotations of the colours, calm set against danger, encourages a feeling of uncertainty, chilling apprehension  and discomfort for the humans in the cage, as we visualise there is going to be a murder an/or a shark attack, creating uncertainty and suspense for the audience.

Overall, I found this film page intriguing, I loved the central images showing the main focus of the film.  It is a rather frighting picture, the shark’s teeth looking particularly frightening and dangerous, and the image really draws you in to want to see what happens. I also really liked the element of the trailer being automatically played, and then still being showcased on the website. It really throws it at the audience, and encourages  them want to watch it. I feel, however, they could have been much more interactive with the site, maybe included some extra pages, and had links to all the social media pages, as this is key to what audiences want and enjoy,  they love to be involved. I feel that this is the only element missing.


Initial first impressions of the site are that it is a really busy page, and that there is much going on with a vast amount of information.  It suggests that it will be a high action thriller, with most likely a complex storyline with many hidden truths, a few main characters who look both serious and then horrified. The website doesn’t have a main focus image, there is a silent montage of clips from the film playing in the background behind the text which I think is more intriguing than having a main background image revealing just a part of the film. this fast paced montage doesn’t reveal anything clearly, as you don’t have time to take much in, however you are imbued with  the overall feel for the film, rather than what is actually going to happen. The typography for the entire website, and the titles for the film, are white and in a quite simplistic font, giving the font a very clinical impression.  Many of the clips were located in what looks like a science lab, so we can gauge and predict that the film might be about a science experiment that went wrong, suggested by the faces changing from thoughtful concentration to horror.

The website is displayed on one page, however split into sections with headers. The first section comprises of videos; this is a great page to follow on, as the audience have seen clips from the film and now they get to watch the full trailer and decide whether or not they will enjoy watching further;  it is  set out in an accessible way where you don’t have to click anything, the trailer will just play automatically.

Moving on in the website, there is a section that gives a very brief narrative and plot description, and information about the film and the overall project. I feel this is really useful for the audience, as they will have already looked at the website and looked at the trailer, so they can now read and find out more information about the project and decide again if it is a film that they will find interesting to watch.

Following on from this, there is a section called ‘gallery’, where two stills from the film are displayed,;they are quite dramatic stills, clearly from a pivotal moment in the film, due to the protagonists’ facial expressions on one of the photos. The display of the photos is in the style of an interactive slideshow, where the audience can click and scroll through the photos. However, this added element only showcases two photos, so the audience aren’t really getting much to look at, I feel it would be much better if they included many more images for the audience to chose from, and to give them more teasers from the film to entice and excite them.

The next section shows and displays information about the production side of the film, and the behind camera aspect, known as the crew, for example the director, producer and D.O.P.  I feel that this aspect is very important, as if it is a well known director or actor/actress in the film, or a writer that has written from a book, the audience will want to know so they can research more about the film, and the specific technical crew and their work, or they might want to watch if it’s a director they know and/or admire. They might want to watch a film directed by the same person, so they get a feel for the ambience of the film. Overall, I feel colour scheme its all arguably too clinical so that it doesn’t have such impact as the others which have been discussed above, but it is relevant to the topic as if in a experiment room or a laboratory; it’s also quite simplistic, possibly suggesting how something so simple can go so wrong.

There is no set colour scheme on first impression, however I can see that as soon as you access the website, there is a montage of video clips from the film playing in the background of the website and, even though there is no obvious or eye catching colour scheme, so it’s quite hard to gauge the shade and tone of the film, we still understand how dark and thrilling it is due to the fast paced montage video playing in the background. This is very intriguing and exciting to watch, as it is almost a teaser trailer. The white writing connotes purity and innocence, which is in complete contrast to the video playing behind it, the bold writing also helps it stand out and make more of an impact.

The social media bars are at the top right hand of the page so we can see that the film has social media pages for the fans to follow, however, unlike other pages, there are no links direct to the pages, it just gives examples and shows that there are social media pages. Audiences love being linked to social media as it encourages them to interact and share, and makes them feel involved in the project.

If you scroll down the page, we see a video of the trailer which comes after the montage video; this is a clever layout and placement for the audience as, if they have enjoyed the montage, they can continue to decide whether they will enjoy the movie, and the trailer will give them an insight.  There is also a link to buy and book tickets; this web page is very interactive and manageable for audiences to negotiate around. Everything is laid out for clearly so they can just enjoy finding out information about the film for themselves, in comparison to other webpages where locating things is more of a challenge.

If you continue to scroll down, you find information about the cast and crew and also a rather brief synopsis which  will give the audience a small insight to the story. Having information on the website intrigues the audience, especially if there is an synopsis and cast and crew list, as they can do more research on the actors and the crew.

This website layout is excellent and easy to follow with lots of information to inform the audience, however it is not a stereotypical thriller website as there is not a dramatic colour scheme with immediate impact or suggestion of blood or danger, although the shadowy elements suggest that there is much that is unknown which will be uncovered during the film.


Like other pages I have analysed, the homepage shows a montage playing in the background; one thing I have noticed through analysing is that none of these montages have music playing in them. This creates for the audience a sense of an unfamiliar atmosphere, and introduces tension as you can’t hear what’s happening, there is no guide to how we should be feeling, so it’s the fear of the unknown. The typography of the homepage is white cracked writing; this  is very common for a thriller film, the typography is usually distorted in some way, fragmented or discoloured. The white represents purity, however the cracked writing juxtaposes with the purity and innocence, suggesting something bad, dangerous or horrific will happen. This creates a representation in the audiences’ mind, and generates an expectation of what the film will be like. At the very top of the page it quotes “From the creators of Evil Dead.” This is linking it to another film, so if the audience knows the ‘Evil Dead’, they have an expectation of what Don’t Breathe will be like. Furthermore “Evil Dead”, is in red typography; this denotes a sense of danger, and suggests significant death or murder, giving the audience an insight into the theme of the film.

This film page also has links to social media, for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube; it is very rare that film pages link to YouTube; this could intrigue the audience, as they could upload clips from the film, teaser trailers, and even possibly interviews with cast and crew, or  view behind-the-scenes footage.  Social media is so important as it helps with the marketing of the film massively, and also gets the audience involved which they enjoy.  Underneath the social media links is an example of the hashtag that the audience should use for helping with promotion to create a trending hashtag; this encourages the audience to feel involved and almost become a part of the marketing production.

The contents page is to the left hand side of the page; it is built from a red block which is suggesting that essence of danger and murder, reminding the audience of what the film could be about. There are then subheadings, for example about the film itself;  this lets the audience into the actual plot theme, and if they like this, they will want to go and see the film.  However, this plot does not reveal too much, as that would be spoiling it;  it just teases and entices the audience, so they will want to watch the film. There is then a section called ‘gallery’;  this is where photos and videos are showcased, so the audience can keep up-to-date and discover teasers from the project.

Overall I think this website showcases well a thriller film; it entices the audience with teasers, but doesn’t reveal too much, and has a colour scheme that showcases a thriller film, but also makes the audience anticipate the danger ahead, and to feel on edge due to the dark and shadowy colours suggesting the unknown about to be uncovered.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 21.03.45

The first thing you see when you access this website is the link to buy tickets. Audiences like it when the website is confident that the product they are selling will be successful, and having a link to buy tickets as the initial impact suggests that the makers of the film are confident enough in their product that people will want to buy tickets straight away.  In the background of the webpage, a montage of clips from the film are being played. The layout of the clips have a very quick pace to them. The first clip of the montage is an especially important one, due to the fact that it showcases schizophrenia, the image displays the same man, who is the protagonist, split screen three ways, portraying three different characters. This already creates an uncomfortable and unnerving atmosphere, and sets the tone and the themes that will be presented in the film. The typography of this film is bold grey, blocked, layered font, and the grey could be representing the grey, faded aspect of his mind linking to his mental illness, and the layered text could be portraying the many layers to the protagonist’s personality. The typography and layout of the montage has clearly been thought out, as it is the initial  thing the audience will see, so the editors want to create a good initial impact and set the tone of the film.

In terms of social media link, there is only one link in the homepage, and that is Facebook. Although Facebook is a global brand and franchise, I feel personally that the film company and production company have limited themselves by only having one social media account. Teens and young adults spend the majority of their lifestyle on social media, socialising and networking, and would also promote films which they like, but those films need to make it easy by providing links and hashtags to encourage teens and younger generations to share and promote, thus giving films a larger audience. However, the film has been highly promoted on social media without having their own accounts.

This film page, like the others, has some extra pages; it has “tickets, trailer, share” showcased on the website and there are many examples, links and opportunities to buy tickets, so much so that the editors of the website have decided to give tickets their very own sub page, due to how successful they think the film will be, and how large the audience will be. The homepage, overall, is very busy and full of information, and gives a lot of insight into the film, showing many clips through the montage; this should give the audience a substantial amount of information to decide whether or not it is a film that they would like and are going to watch. To help with this, the editors  have created a page for the trailer alone; on one of the websites I have analysed, the trailer is linked to the homepage and plays automatically. I think  this is another mistake on Split’s page, as an audience is generally lazy and like having things done for them, for example to some people having a trailer and having to click on a separate page and scroll down is off putting, and tie consuming, and they might leave the website. I think if the website included the trailer linked and played automatically on the homepage, they would have more people view the website,;however overall it is an excellent portrayal of a thriller film and film page.


Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 21.04.26

From first impressions, this website and it’s homepage is simple yet effective, and can create many interpretations. The website has one main image, which is slightly grainy. It has a green tinge to it, which creates overall a rather nauseating ambience. Green is quite a sickly colour when presented in shades of green, and is not very common for thriller films, it is used more in sci-fi. This is breaking convention, is going against the stereotypes which are usually red, black and white. If you study the image closely, you can make out some sort of foreboding shadow in the background, again creating tension and unnerving ambience.  If you look to the left hand side of the screen you see an image of a cracked wall with the slightly dismantled light switch which is partly covered by tape; it’s quite messy and looks as though it has been done in a hurry as if to get away from something, it’s already posing quizzical questions from the audience.  It suggests that someone has deliberately stopped the lights being switched back on, leaving the room or rooms in an unnatural green light with dark shadows. The writing is grey/black, and the typography style is quite similar to handwriting, and is quite childlike; children and thriller or horror films creates an unnerving, uncomfortable,  atmosphere, and this again generates more questions and interest for the audience.

The title at the top of the webpage “From the studio that brought you “The Conjuring”, a well-known thriller/horror series and world-renowned as a successful film, puts this as one of the main selling  points for the film on the webpage. It suggests that the film will be a successful film like ‘The Conjuring’, and if they are fans or it, or similar films, they will most likely enjoy this film. Comparing your film to similar popular, well-known films, is a great marketing move and is more likely to generate a bigger audience and more profit.  Not only does it say ‘similar to’ The Conjuring, but it says “from the studio that brought you”. However, this big build up campaign  could mean audiences  have extra high expectations, and if their expectations aren’t met, they will be extremely disappointed, which is not good for the film. In terms of social media promotion, they have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, three of the most successful social media handles with the young generation, meaning lots of promotion and lots of interaction, meaning audience satisfactions are met, so they are more likely to say positive things and share the film.

The sub pages include story, trailer, gallery, soundtrack.  For example, story –  this entices the audience as they like to have an inkling of what the film will be about, but they don’t want too much revealed, just teasers so they can get excited for what’s to come; a trailer will then give them a visual representation of what’s to come, so the expectations and perceptions can be met and they can put the visual expectations to life in their head. A gallery will show stills and possible clips from the film, again teasing enticingly the audience towards something they will find attractive to their taste. The soundtrack is also included, meaning they can really picture of the overall ambience and feel of the film.  In conclusion, I feel this website is a very accurate representation of a thriller film and breaks conventions of previous webpages I have analysed.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 21.08.58

The overall, initial colour scheme is dark and moody, with a black background and cooler blue tones running through, and as part of the typography.  The black background represents darkness, and something unknown or a foreboding, dangerous  presence lurking. The black is styled and laid around the central photo as though it is almost suffocating the picture of the soldier, this correlates to the tagline “When 400,000 men couldn’t get home, home came for them.” The picture is showing our protagonist with a pained facial expression, as he is lying on the dirty ground surrounded by explosions and bombing, he looks as though he is struggling and the blackness is surrounding and almost engulfing him.  The blue/grey in the colour scheme represents a positive in the story, but tinged with sadness, as if something potentially optimistic and yet distressing is going to happen. The colours foreshaddow the events that will take place; this is intriguing and exciting to the audience as they get a suggestion into how the historical story of the wartime Dunkirk rescue is going to be portrayed. Realistic in its darkness with the loss of lives despite those rescued, and not made into a sterile and fictionalised story.

The layout of the website is simplistic, meaning easy to use. The website doesn’t include a side contents bar, however has all the varying pages and sub pages in clear tabs in the centre of the website so your eyes don’t miss it, as in some websites they are hard to locate as they are hidden and positioned off to the side. One of the sub pages are with trailers, which I think is very interesting for the audience to have more than one trailer. One could possibly be a teaser trailer, and one could be the feature main trailer. Having different trailers give different perspectives on the film, and reveal different aspects of the plot. The official soundtrack is another sub page, again to excite the audience as they can access the songs played in the movie, known as the soundtrack; if the audience have access to this, they can experience the overall feel of the film, and gain the tone of the film. A soundtrack can reveal so much about the events that will occur, for example if it’s a sad and emotional soundtrack then this suggests an emotional film. The final page is worldwide releases; this shows the audience that the film will be released worldwide showcasing its popularity;  this could possibly mean that the film itself or an actor or director will be world renowned and well known.

The social media platforms are present, however they are not so clear, my eyes were not drawn straight away to the links; I think they could be bolder and bigger, or they should have a separate page for the links,  as social media can make such a difference for marketing and promotion. It would have attracted a younger audience too, as marketing on social media would draw in this demographic audience. Overall the website it clearly laid out, the colour scheme works well and works well as a juxtaposition, however some aspects could be clearer, for example the social media tabs.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 21.10.08

The colour scheme of this poster is heavily juxtaposed for maximum impact. The colour scheme features red and white; red symbolises love, danger, blood, murder, and also connotes anger, however white connotes purity, innocence truth, which completely juxtaposes the red and the danger, also I noticed if you look closely at the facial expressions of both the characters, the woman with the red background shows happiness and love in her face, whereas on the other hand, the girl with the white background has facial expressions portraying hate.  Hate and love completely contrast with each other and are another juxtaposition. The colours, in correlation to the facial expressions, also exceed expectations, and are an atypical stereotype as white is associated with purity and red is associated with anger. However this colour scheme combination is the complete opposite.

If we move on and look at the title and the tagline and the typography, again the white is a pure colour, and also, as pictured on many of the webpages, stands out against the black background, again showing an essence of contrast. Perhaps this is a theme running through out the film. The tagline “when love ends madness begins” is again showing the contrast between love and happiness. Clearly, the characters featuring on the left hand side of the webpage, focused on the red background, are showing love, and the cast to the right hand side of the webpage show very serious and intense facial expressions and it’s betraying a madness. Also featuring on the webpage are the actors names, in a clear, bold, white font, however not as big as the tagline or title, yet they still stand out so the audience are drawn to their names. Having the actors in such visible writing is to encourage the audience to watch the film, as they will have definitely have heard of these well-known actressess. They are more likely to come to see the film if it has high profile names featuring in it.

Moving onto the title, and it’s typography, again we are faced with white writing so it stands out against the black and red background, however the word “unforgettable” has a crack line going through it, this is perhaps representing that love is ending and will be forgettable rather than unforgettable,  which is related to the tagline.

If we look at the typography and the sub pages, pages are in red against a black background yet again to make it standout but also be suggesting that danger again. This website gives a clear representation of what the film is about and how audience are supposed to feel, with the tone and essence of the theme being portrayed. The sub pages have a synopsis, and the audience like having this available so they have an idea of the story, just an inkling of what the film is about.  There is a gallery where the audience can look at pictures and stills from the film, and again can then understand the general tone and possibly get to know a little about some of the characters.  Through their facial expressions  they are showing how they are feeling inside, and possibly giving an inkling to the storyline. There is also a support for the trailer, so the audience can get a glimpse of what the trailer looks like, and approximately what the film will end up looking like. However, an added feature should be the traditional play automatically. As I have suggested, other webpages I have analysed have benefitted from  this as it is an added bonus for the audience.  There is also a page for tumblr which is a social media handle, however this seems to be the only social media page available, meaning they are missing massive opportunities with global brands such as Instagram Twitter and Facebook, especially with Twitter as people can use hashtags to start trending the film, and increasing the audience.

There is a final section for pre-order, this is the first webpage I have discussed to showcase this. It  clearly shows that the editor of the site and the production team think the film will be a resounding success so the audience can automatically pre-order it without even watching the film. Overall, this webpage showcases the film well, through the colour scheme layout and typography however, I would include more pages to make an improvement, and also have a trailer playing automatically. Apart from that, this website is an excellent representation of a thriller website, and has many interesting features to excite an audience.



Film analysis

Physcho :

Physcho is a thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, made in 1960. The film looks at schizophrenia and is a classic black and white film; there are so many aspects of this film that I love and that inspire me. For example:-


The narrative structure for this film would be an open structure. The film ends with Norman Bates sitting in the police station talking to himself, aka his mother, and the final shot of the scene is of Bates. If you pause the clip at a certain point, you can see the exact second when Bates’s face morphs between his and his mother’s face, so you, the audience, has to to contemplate whether or not he is recovered. He is still talking to his mother, but is that actually to himself? You are left with so many questions about the ending, which I think is a key trait for a thriller film, and I would really like to implement this into my own film.


Throughout the film, the soundtrack adds so much to each scene, and it definitely makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable in anticipation of something frightening about to happen. My favourite scene in this film is, without doubt, the infamous shower scene, probably one of the most iconic scenes of all thriller films, and certainly in this film it is a pivotal moment. I believe that it is mostly down to the genius synchronous soundtrack overlapping the scene in the background; this scene  is visually an iconic murder scene, even 57 years after it was filmed, and still incredibly tense, shocking and dramatic, however the repetitive trio of violin trills in the background add even more intensity to the scene.  This is something that I would absolutely love to try and achieve, a simple sound or piece of music that just completely elevates a scene.


The main camera angles used in ‘Physcho’ which stand out to me as being most effective are the tracking shot, P.O.V shot, handheld shot. All of these are effectively adding something unique, unsettling and eerie to the scene, making the audience feel uncomfortable and on edge, which is the essential object of a thriller film. The tracking shot gives the impression that Norman Bates is watching the protagonist through his eyes, which adds a creepiness to the scene. The P.O.V makes you feel as though you are a part of the scene and completely immersed in what is happening, and finally the handheld shot adds a shakiness which creates unnerving tension for the audience. Again, in my film, I want to experiment with angles and shots that will create many  effects and add different tones and emotional responses to the scenes.



This film is a short feature film, around 62 minutes long, starring Maisie Williams.  The film is an intense twist on cyberbullying, which is what I am aiming to do within my film, so this film is definitely one of my inspirations and influences.

The film begins with the protagonist Casey (Maisie Williams) listening to music on her laptop, which starts to skip and change song abruptly, she then comes to realise that her ex boyfriend, Nathan, has tweeted something about her being on anti depressants. As revenge, she decides to Skype the school’s known hacker and ask if he will hack into Nathan’s account for her. He refuses . Following on from this, she ends the call and a few moments later she receives an instant message, ostensibly from Alex, who provides her with the hacked in link for Nathan’s twitter account. Casey gets her revenge, by posting a cruel sexual tweet about Nathan, and afterwards continues her online conversation. However, she begins to realise by the language being used that it is not Alex she is ‘speaking’ to, and that she in talking to an anonymous user. As time goes on in the film, she carries on the conversation thinking it’s harmless, then out of nowhere a scary image pops up on her screen, and the anonymous user tells her to ‘sit down Casey.’ The hacker assumes a computer generated voice and takes over the webcam, and then reveals a series of nude photographs which Casey had taken of herself, and threatens to post them online if she leaves the room, or if she answers any phone calls. Casey is effectively trapped in her room.

She grabs her phone and looks out of her window, then all of a sudden she looks in her webcam, and the anonymous user types ‘yoo hoo’ back at her, as if he/she is watching her closely. The hacker posts a video that Casey and her friend Megan filmed, revealing the homosexuality of another friend, and it is posted on Casey’s Twitter account, causing angry texts from the girl herself, so the hacker now points out that Casey is the cyberbully.

Throughout the film the anonymous hacker accuses her of cyber bullying and torments her about a cruel comment that she had made about another girl’s singing, which led eventually to that girl committing suicide.  He begins to torment her repetitively, and forces her  into an attempt to overdose on her medication, all done online. If she didn’t take the tablets, her nude photos, and those of her friend Megan, would be posted all over social media. However, due to some significant use of language, Casey realises the hacker is one of the really harsh bullies of the dead girl’s singing, and the it must be this hacker who was the hard core cyberbully, not her, as she was just being a typical bitchy teen rather than an online troll, a bully encouraging teens to commit suicide. Casey looks right into the webcam and tells the cyberbully that they are nothing without her talking back and she closes the computer. It is full of spine chilling menace and a creepy scenario of the computer itself taking on the role of a cyberbully.

The film is set mainly from the position of the webcam, as if your point of view is from the anonymous user’s screen. This film really inspired me and got me thinking creatively, as it has taken a common theme of bullying, and flipped it on its head, and added an unusual twist, which is what I intend to do.



This film is about two teen runaways who dream of going to Florida. They end up in the middle of a forest, where the protagonist finds a gun in the glove compartment of her car. She and her boyfriend, Jake, get into a playful game with the gun, and end up chasing each other through the forest. The camera is only on the protagonist, Amber, and it tracks and follows her, through the use of a handheld camera, all the way through the forest until she gets to a lake. There is silence, no soundtrack, suggesting isolation in the forrest, and yet the sound of birds squawking rather than singing sweetly, and of her running. She looks behind to check if her boyfriend, Jake, is there, but there is no sign of him. She decides to go swimming in the lake until Jake appears, and takes all her clothes off.  Amber is happily swimming, content in her own world, until she turns round and sees a man walking toward her on the lakeside. He begins to question in a slow, unsettling, yet polite voice, about what she is doing and why she is not at school. It turns into more of an interrogation, and we can see in her face that Amber feels uncomfortable, especially as she is swimming naked and this man is slowly walking alongside the water while talking to her. The quiet, slightly discordant music begins at this point, she senses that he is perhaps not as polite and harmless as she had originally felt, as he keeps encouraging her to get out of the water to get warm.

She tells the man to go away, and that she is waiting for her boyfriend. His voice then lowers in a  menacing tone and he tells Amber that he won’t be coming as he is dead. This was the point in the film when my heart stopped, which is a key audience response for a thriller, and I felt I almost had to turn away from what I anticipated would happen next. But Amber swims away and looks back, to see that the man is no longer there. There is silence again, apart from the water and the birds. The camera angle is on the lake too, as she swims towards the shore. She jumps out of the lake and starts running back to car. At this point, there is some synchronous music playing again in the background, getting louder as she runs. We also hear the sound effects of her running, which built up the intensity. She gets into the car and the audience feels that she is now safe as she can drive away quickly, while phoning Jake, with loud upbeat music playing we are lulled into feeling she is safe. All of a sudden, a hand and an arm move slowly, shockingly  forward from the back seat to grab her. The scene cuts to the credits, the music playing during the credits is asynchronous as it’s still upbeat and happy,  in complete contrats to the storyline.

I really enjoyed this film, I found it incredibly thrilling and atmospheric, using a simple story but creating a tense atmosphere with a mixture of sound, silence, camera angles and changing music tempo as well as tangible change of tone in the simple yet suddenly threatening dialogue. I picked up some excellent tips from this film for the use of sound and camera angles for my own short film.


The open door

Although it is award winning, I did not find this film particularly engaging or riveting, as the surprise element was watered down by the title of the film itself; I was expecting, and waiting for, someone to walk in through the door which the protagonist had left open. So, inevitably when a shadowy man did walk in, there was little surprise or uneasy reaction from me, as the audience. It was also a cliche that the protagonist was cutting with a large, sharp knife in the kitchen when she had left the door open, and then the thunderstorm as well as the creaking staircase in the dark was an overload of cliches.


Overall I found the camera really too shaky; sometimes a shaky camera is useful and successful in creating an immediacy of tension, and at some points I feel it worked well in ‘The open door’, but it was monotonous in such a short film, and I don’t feel like it was necessary for the almost entire film.  This is something that I need to plan for my own film – when and at what pivotal points in particular I want to build up tension when I am going to use a handheld shot.


Overall, the music that was used did work and I liked the effect that it gave, having the juxtaposition of the tense scenes with the emotionally charged, melancholy piano score in the background, getting louder and used in conjunction with white noise, and the rising momentum of the piano during the credits was very effective too. However, it could have raised tension more to have a little bit more variation, for example at some points to use white noise only. The piano was effective, but a little distracting at times, thus reducing the acute thriller effect.


I feel the editing was quite inconsistent as it switched from long and smooth shots to short staccato ones, I personally feel they should have used one or the other. They were both effective and created  varying ambience, however I don’t feel they worked well together in telling this story. The shadowy man seemed to be in the bedroom, outside the house and coming up the stairs then outside all in staccato shots which was confusing rather than adding to the tension. However, his shadowy figure walking slowly behind the girl in the house with the now closed and locked door was very effective, but the final flash of lightening on her face diluted the thriller aspect rather than added to it, making it into more of a mock gothic horror. Again, the editing style is something I will have to consider for my own film, as it can make such a difference to the final product.

The majority of the film was shot in black and white and then, when the thrilling aspect came in the film, resorted back to a cool tone of colour, which I actually thought worked really well, but that scene was far too long for a 5 minute short. It created a sort of dream scene quality to it however, and made you question what was real and what wasn’t which I actually though worked well, and was what I enjoyed about the film as it made me think about it after. Was it all a dream while she was relaxing on the bed, or was it a flashback. The questions are unanswered, but it made me think about the film which was proof that, for me, the film worked on an artistic level.

After Sophie:

For this film instead of the discussing the narrative or the aspects that made this film a thriller, I would like to discuss the stylistic points and aspects of the film. The main thing that made the film stand out as being different for me was it was shot in a documentary style, but not the kind of documentary that is full of facts, this was a very emotional story, and as an audience member watching, I found myself being drawn in. The film was artistically and visually stunning, it was shot with an incredibly high quality camera, which is something that I would like to try to aim for in my film, as I feel overall it adds to the effect to make the overall quality of the product look and feel so much better.

In terms of the film and how thrilling it was, I loved the film and the style and how it had been portrayed in a very raw and emotional way, however in terms of thrills I don’t think there were many, and I am struggling with how to analyse it in terms of a thriller. I feel there could have been more of a mixture of real events and re enacted events based on  facts, rather than just raw interviews, and CCTV footage. I feel the creation of events to fictionalise it a little would have made it more of a  thriller.

Therefore I am

I really enjoyed this short film; I found this a perfect physchological thriller, not scary exactly, however very twisted. It made you think very carefully about what you have just watched and witnessed.

The whole film revolved around a conversation at a restaurant, about a man claiming he had come back from the future, and there was already a question being posed – was  the man he was talking to from the future or not. This concept alone is incredibly confusing to follow, however to play with the audiences’ mind even further, the director took the artistic decision to have the camera moving round in a clockwork, 360 degree rotation. The protagonist would change costume and look completely different in each shot, however you could still just recognise that it was him. This suggested to me that he might have schizophrenia, which is something that drew me in as I want to base my film around this interesting theme. It could also have been an artistic way to showcase him from the perspective of the future, butt either way I really loved the way it was shot, and whatever idea was meant to be portrayed, the camera work was excellent.  It was really smooth and steady, which really added to the effect, and made me feel almost as if I was being brainwashed, due to the 360 degree shot in consecutive circles and motions.

The ending really confused me, as the man (from the future) stands outside a room and knocks on the door, then the same guy, but looking slightly different, answers it and they begin to strike up a conversation, hence the idea of schizophrenia. He then went into a room full of people who look exactly like him, just at different stages, or ages, of life, resembling his future and, possibly, his split personality disorder.

Overall I really love this film, and it definitely related to the brief for a physchological thriller, as it very much left me with many questions, which gives me another option for my film having an open ended structure, and leaving my audience with many questions. This film gave me so much amazing technical inspiration.

Dark Noir

I found this film extremely interesting and intriguing, as it was a style that I never thought of using which is animation.  I will not be using animation, as I feel that having real actors is more engaging, as you are able to capture raw emotions and intimacy of feelings through the actors’ body language and eyes in comparison to an animation. In terms of a thriller film, I also didn’t find this film particularly thrilling, I found it confusing actually, and yet artistically brilliant as the graphics and design aspect that went into the film were incredible. They were so detailed and fluid, and I liked how it touched on the idea of how each person is connected to an individual emotion. I thought that part worked extremely well, and look very effective, artistically.

I think one main aspect from this film that I will take on board and try to incorporate is how effective and intriguing  narration through a film can be, instead of lines. It works especially well for a thriller, as I feel it really disconnects the audience if the narrator is just saying the words instead of the actors; so the actors aren’t saying their own lines, making it weirdly awkward and uncomfortable. I think it worked really effectively to create an atmosphere of something unusual going on. In thrillers,  emotional performances can be overdone and take the impact of the thrills away, so in that event I like the distancing effect through the narration technique. It is something that I will try to incorporate into a scene in my film. Possibly I will have the beginning and the end narrated. A mixture of narration and scripted acting might combine well together, to create a intriguing effect which is what I am aiming to do. I really want to make my audience think about the story, and to capture their attention and emotions whilst taking them on a journey. I feel narration could assist this well.

Overall, I thought the film was good. Artistically, I learnt so much fromwatching it, however it doesn’t match a thriller’s brief for codes and conventions.

Schizophrenia :

Overall this film was again very artistic, the film title is schizophrenia so, as an audience member watching, we know that the protagonist has schizophrenia. The narrative structure was open ended, however the narrative as a whole was non existent. On the other hand, however, the technical elements and aspects were what really made the film excellent and thought provoking  for me as a whole. Although it was only 3 minutes in length, and you could tell it was a student film, compared to the professional productions that I have analysed in detail, the technical aspects worked for this theme, so that is what I am going to discuss.

Camera :

The camera angles weren’t at all simplistic, they were extremely creative and experimental which is what I really enjoyed about the film. They were experimental shots that were from rather obscure angles, which I think worked really well for the style and theme of the film. For example there would be a long shot that would pan swiftly into an extreme close up and into an establishing shot. The shots and movements would be very eratic and unpredictable, which worked and correlated well for the idea of schizophrenia.


The sychchornous diegetic music I found really effective, as it resembled almost a drone sound, there were also various sound effects that correlated in time with the editing, which I think worked really well. There were also examples of white noise which created tension and eeriness, done and used effectively here.


The editing style was, like the camera angles, erratic and unpredictable; there were lots of flashing screens and scratching effects. I  feel that this added to the overall feel and effect of the final product suggesting schizophrenia, changeability, unpredictability, awkwardness. Editing styles are something that I am really intrigued by terms of thriller films, and one main aspect I really want to focus my attention on.


No service:

The film opens with the protagonist, who is a writer, sitting at her coffee table drinking a beverage. There are many camera shots that follow her from different angles, and shoot different things around the room and the surroundings; this is as an improvement rather than shooting separate things from different angles, the film could have opened with a pan into an establishing shot, revealing everything in one quick shot. The staccato style gave the impression that something was going to happen out of the ordinary. The girl is unable to get a signal on her phone. This can happen to any of us, and this is why it works as a thriller so far as the storyline goes. Most of us have had to seek a signal or our phones.

The film then moves on to show the protagonist driving down a street in her car, the camera is handheld creating a shaky effect.  Because we, as the audience watching, know that the genre is thriller, we feel uncomfortable watching as we are expecting something to jump out and startle us. The protagonist then proceeds to venture out of her car, still unable to get a signal, and there appears to be none else about, evoking a feeling of tension. Things are certainly not as they should be.She has received missed calls from her family and friends, who are clearly worried about her, all adding to the tension and suspense. They seem to be warning her, but we don’t know what about, and nor does she. She receives the voicemails and she discovers warning messages from her family and friends telling her not to leave the house, and that they are coming to help her.O course, she has left the house, so we are aware that something could happen to her at any second.

She starts to panic, and the phone calls continue overlapping in a voiceover, creating tension and showing urgency; she starts to get more and more worried, until suddenly she sees her Dad running awards her. As he comes running, the camera quickly cuts, to three figures covered in blood, to a knife behind her. The film ends and cuts to black, suggesting her death or some chilling end to her story.  Overall, this film was effective and was definitely thrilling, however I feel  there could have been more tension evoked with a more complex story line, but apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed the film.



The film is all shot in one take, which is known as a continuous shot; this already builds and creates tension as we, the audience watching, are wanting to find out immediately what is happening, so you are drawn in as you don’t want to take your eyes of the screen in case you miss something. It’s the expectation and anticipation that makes it a thriller. The film opens with a young girl walking down what looks like an abandoned, untouched road, which again already makes you feel on edge, as it is an unnerving setting. As the film continues, we see a man step out of a car which he has pulled up by the road side. He starts to strike up a conversation with the girl;  the conversation turns quite dark and uncomfortable, as he starts to convince her, or lure her to get into his car. We feel he has the evil, scary intention to capture her, maybe attack her or kill her, so we begin to speculate what might happen, in keeping with the thriller genre. However, the girl retaliates, the man responds with annoyance and frustration, but he calmly tells her everything will be fine, then forces her into his car. We know  that it won’t be alright at all, so we again feel uncomfortable and anticipate what might happen, willing her to escape somehow before it is too late. The director’s camera shots also help with building tension, as you are constantly on edge watching and you feel that you are a part of the scene, intimately involved in the car. The music also builds up intensity to the visual, and whenever something dodgy was about to take place, or he made a comment to make your skin crawl, there was a subtle drone sound which was in pitch and dynamics as the comment or action took place.

Overall this was an excellent representation of a thriller, as it made me feel on edge constantly, and the technical elements were executed well.  If I have one criticism, it would be the denouement which was rather random. She shoots the man and drives off in his car,and we see him fall out of the car. I would have liked a different ending, although I did like how it was unexpected, it just didn’t work for me, but apart from the ending it was an excellent film.



Analysis of film posters

Shutter Island



The main image that draws your eyes to the poster is the mysterious and yet mostly well lit silhouette of the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, which is of just his face, with a shadowy body as this blends into the dark background of the poster. Most of his face is illuminated by a struck match, which we assume he is holding, although his eyes are looking in the direction of the hand holding the match, so it makes us unsure.  It’s almost as though the protagonist is hiding, there is something suspicious, troubled or secretive about him. Like the name of the film suggests, the shutters are drawn down on the island and on the intention of the protagonist, concealing all sorts of mysteries to unfold. We gain this suspicion of mystery from his facial expressions, showing a frown of uncertainty, questioning and mystery.

Another feature of the poster is the image of the island in the foreground of the poster, and yet, in perspective, it is far smaller in scale than the very large scale face of the protagonist, and the island is hiding the lower part of the protagonist’s body so that his head seems to be floating above the island. This could be possibly be foreshadowing that our protagonist is trapped on the island, or is trying to gain access to the island perhaps, or something equally mysterious. There is a lighthouse on the rocks suggesting the waters around the island can be dangerous to boats, so access to the island and escape from it would be difficult, adding to the danger factor.

The location of the famous director and actor’s names are strategically placed centrally in the poster. The editors and creators of the poster have made this decision so the audience’s eyes will be drawn immediately  to see who’s starring and directing the film, the font is bold and large as well which makes it more eye-catching and draws people in, which is an effective advertisement and excellent publicity.

The tagline of the poster relates we can assume to the island. ‘Some places never let you go’, and this is possibly referencing the intriguing island’s name, and the title of the film. The tagline is teasing the audience, as it is very intriguing, almost personifying the island by suggesting it has the power to never let a person go. This is great marketing for the film as it will draw the audience in to discover what it is that holds people on the island once they are there, and persuade them to watch the film.

The colour of the font is red, which could possibly signify danger, again outlining some of the possible themes of the film of blood, murder, death, it looks like a red warning to not venture onto the island.

At the bottom of the poster there is information giving details of other actors, production companies and crew involved in the film. It also includes some awards it has been nominated for already, which suggests strongly that its going to be a good, highly rated film. The date of release is boldly written in red in large, bold font strategically placed at the bottom centre of the poster.

Gone girl


gone girl poster



















In the foreground of the poster there is an image of a man looking down with his face in profile not revealing too much to the audience, he is mostly in black silhouette, suggesting dark, brooding and mysterious, and the background palette is dawn or dusk with the silhouette of buildings across some water again suggesting mystery. His stance suggests he isn’t relaxed, as his arms are not by his side or folded but hanging as if he is about to lift something, he is alert and thinking, or searching for someone, possibly the Girl from the title of the film. The suggestion is that he is  looking for her, perhaps she is in the water.

Towards the bottom of the poster there is an image of a news banner running through the poster. This reveals a little about some events that will be occurring in the film, which is teasing the audience, and the words in the newspaper headlines suggest someone is missing as  the title also suggests, so it is clear to the audience what the film will be about.

The background and the setting to the poster is vast and empty representing loneliness, again relating to the context of the film, the colour is also rather washed out and not clear. The protagonist’s eyes are also faded and blended into the sky, suggesting that she is present but not quite there, almost as if she is vanishing. Or she could be dead and her image coming from the clouds suggesting a spirit, which is why she has ‘gone’. It is teasing as it is unclear what ‘gone’ means, and this adds to the attraction of watching the film to find out the mystery.

At the top of the poster there are two other very successful box office films which are also the work of this director. This is fantastic marketing for the film, as the audience of those two globally poplar films will be drawn towards this director’s new work.

The tagline relates and foreshadows the events taking place in the film. ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s…’ the triple dot at the end represents how quickly something can be lost in life, whether by disaster, tragedy, illness or something else, and it cleverly just drifts off with no explanation, leaving the mystery to be revealed in the film itself. The suggestion is that this man has lost the love of his life, but we are intrigued as to whether she has died or something else has happened to her.

The bottom of the poster is showcasing the production companies, producers, famous actors who are box office favourites, and main crew of the film, as well as awards and nominations. The date of the opening isn’t as noticeable as in ‘Shutter Island’ ‘s poster, and overall this poster is more understated than the previous one discussed, but non the less is very intriguing.



Seven poster .jpg

















The poster has a yellowy orange tint to it, which implies a sepia or bronzed, old, worn effect as if  it’s the page from a book that’s been hidden for  years, giving the poster an ambience of eeriness. The white typography is extremely effective the white really makes it stand out against the yellowy background, and also white represents innocence and purity juxtaposing the feel of the poster.

The two characters featured as large images on the poster showing they are the protagonist and antagonist, the two characters are facing in different directions from one another showing they juxtapose each other this also shows an example of binary opposition. Facing in a vertical direction there is more typography which is typography of the seven deadly sins. Which link to the tagline which is ‘Seven deadly sings, seven ways to die’ Implying that there is one or more deaths in this film setting the tone.

The two leads featured on the poster are both central and are both exactly the same size showing that they have equal parts and equal screen time. Again like the previous two posters there is a variety of information on the bottom of the poster about the films roles, production company, awards and nomination. But in conclusion this poster is very clear that the film is of the thriller genre.




The tagline used in the poster is used in all the posters for the film which is obviously for a specific reasoning and thats to emphasise a certain part or message of the film without revealing the plot. The tagline also addresses the audience which is appealing to them as they will therefore feel more engaged and involved with the film. It will also make the tagline more memorable if they feel like they are involved.

The image is sark including blues and blacks which are stereotypical dark and mysterious colours that are likely to appear on a thriller poster, the use of low key lighting is also a convention that you would find on a thriller poster. Similar again to the other posters the credits are on the bottom of the poster for promotional and advertisement uses.

Having the name of the lead actor at the top of the poster in bold white writing immediately draws your attention and focus to who the actor is. Also the fact that the name is centred at the top suggests and makes it clear that this person is playing the lead or central character.

The main featured image is of the protagonist, however he is positioned so his back is facing away from the audience, this makes him more interesting and intriguing, and makes him seem some what sinister and mysterious as he is not facing us showing us he is hiding something, this immediately starts sparking questions from the audience on who this person is. There is a gun positioned in his hand, which is a key convention of a thriller violence film or an action film, which reveals a few features and themes that could be appearing in the plot of the film.

The release date is given on the poster which is a great selling point as it can have a huge impact on the demographic as the audience will be of a similar age, audiences also love to be informed so having the date give stem something to look forward to. The poster says experience instead of watch, this is again giving the audience a strong sense of involvement with the film, and they will be taken on a journey.

Dead Silence


The red tagline stands out on the black background, makes it stand out and appear that the audience are meant to be able to see it clearly, the tagline ‘You scream, you die’ is a threatening and menacing warning to the audience, especially due to the fact that the writing is in red connoting danger and clearly that its a warning.

The featured image is a closeup of a face, it is very intimidating and wants the audience to feel uncomfortable and unsettled. The face and his hand gesture relates to the tagline about silence, he also looks incredibly devious.

The pitch black gloomy background around the puppet connotes darkness and mystery through the use of shadows, the green eyes are also unsettling and almost quite hypnotic in the way that your eyes can’t miss it and are instantly drawn to the puppets eyes. We can see the age the puppet due to his wrinkly hands, the title dead silence is interesting as it is showing in order to be alive you have to be dead silent, however also if you die you are silent and it is the end.

The credits of the directors previous work is again at the top of the poster and one thing noticed is that the film is directed by the same person who directed saw, and the puppet looks and has a similar feel to jigsaw who is the puppet in saw. The date is not specified on the poster, is just says coming soon which leaves the audience intrigued.



The main image is of Esther the image in central to show she’s the central character and grab the audience.

The poster shows details of the film as usual including director producer etc this writing is a variety of sizes the release date in on larger font than anything else to make the date stand out.

The layout is clear the image in central the image is intriguing as the YOUNG girl is making direct eye contact with the audience it leaves a lasting impression and creates a sense of she’s always watching you the writing is clear giving it a simple yet effective effect. The white colour of the font standing out on the murky background.

The tag line there’s something wrong with Esther is more of a statement this helps the audience stay interested and will encourage them to want to find out the mystery.

The lighting adds a sense of a reality as it hasn’t been secretly enhanced or edited the dull lighting and Color adds seriousness to the poster.

The font of the title looks like child’s worrying which adds a sort of innocence however due to the tagline it’s an uneasy innocence

The black swan


The image dominates and takes over the entire poster the protagonists eyeline is Loki g straight into the audience, the image has been edited in order for her face to look cracked which could show conventions of thriller or phsycho logical horror

The title contrasts the the background as it’s black and white as does the quote from a review this helps it stand out so it can grasp the audiences attention.

There is no taglien on this poster but still a variety of useful information again the production company and director etc there is also a quote for a review which will make or break the audience opinion about the film on first impressions.the image is also so large and captivating a taglien would take away from the impact.

The poster includes information about the cast and crew but this includes the most famous actors/main characters names above the title of the film to advertise and promote the film further.

Unlike most posters this one does not seem to include or show a release date however this just leaves the audience more inticed and intrigued and is good for promotion as the audience will therefore follow the various social media promo accounts to find out about release




Credits int hose days the credits took up much more of the space on the poster however the fact that the writing is bold makes it stand out more and will catch the audiences attention. The title we can see is written in bold and chunky writing again so the audience can easily see it and that it stands out, the cracks in the font give off the impression of unstablitlity and thank something isn’t quite right, or that soemthing is missing and the cracks need to be filled with clues.

The directors name is in large scale font especially due to the fact that he is a very well known and recognised director, so the Fact that his name is in a larger font means it will stand out on the poster and again the audience will recognise it’s a Hitchcock film especially if they are fans of hitchocks work they are most likely to want to go and watch it.

The yellow woman on the poster represents all things good and happy, however in complete juxtaposition and another example of binory opposition the red shadows on the man shows danger and that he is a forbidding dark character as red connotes danger. The black background just enhances the contrast in these colours and helps them stand out even more.

The sell line is again not a tagline but a quote from a review this is another way to attract audiences as audiences rely on reliable reviews.

The overall colour scheme and the feel of the poster is what really makes it feel like a thriller poster the contrast between the yellow and red and then the dark gloomy background giving the impression of a dark forbidding presence all really adds to the overall effect and ambience.




The tagline is centred directly at the top of the poster so it is one of the first things you notice and one of the things that the audiences eyes will be drawn to first. The word terrifying is repeated this is to emphasise the genre of the film and show that it’s a thriller it also is showing that the producers and creative team want the audience to feel terrified. By saying number one best seller they are telling the audience that the film will be good and it will be a success.

The billing block credits are again positioned at the bottom of the poster in smaller writing however they are positioned in the centre so your eyes are still drawn to them, just not as much as ither typography, multiple pieces of information are located here for example directors production company and the age rating which is important and the audience need to know this also will establish a demographic for the film.

The title is central and is big and bold so everyone can see it the font is red again showing danger and it is placed infront of a white background helping it to stand out, this also again shows juxtaposition between purity and danger. The red also shows blood forboddding events to take place in the film.

The main 3 actors names are in white bold font against a jack background again to help it stand out this means if people recognise and out familiar with some of their other credits and like them as actors they will most likely come and watch another credit they are in.

The main image that is on the poster is late and takes up majority of the posters and is positioned in the centre, this again draws your eyes immediately to it, the image of the shark is positioned very cleverly underneath the word jaws matching the teeth or the shark and jaws. The size of the female in comparison to the ginormous shark shows she is weak and vulnerable. The white border helps yeh image stand out even more on the black background again grabbing ten audiences attention



The main image is of a tall man looking away showing an essence of mystery to him, the fact there are shadows covering shows another sign of intrigue for the audience as they want to know more about him and find out who he is. It’s al very secretive possibly suggesting he could be a spy or someone undercover

The tagline/ quote is very threatening and inimidtaing the word I used makes it more involeved for the audience and sound mor like a conversation rather than a plot reveal it engages and involves the audience more. It’s gives the basis of the film is a mysterious and clever way.

The colour scheme of black white and grey gives a sisnistet ambience to the poster and portrays the film to be quite dark and forbodding foreshadowing death and mystery. However the orange text on the poster for the title helps that stand out and your eyes are drawn directly to it, it will be easily remembered. Having the lead actors name at the top of the poster positioned central again really helps it stand out, your eyes are drawn to it which is a great unique selling point, especially if some audience members could be fans of his work and previous credits, they will most likely come see the film, so positioning the actors name where everyone can see it is very useful.

The pistol merges into the foreground helping to be bold and stand out the weapon is promenant and from this weapon being used this poster looks to be conventionally from the thrille genre. This also suggests that he is some kind of spy looking to kill.

Again the information on the bottom is smaller but still centred so we can still see it it’s just not the main feature by any means however still useful for an audience member.


What I


Analysing a film review

Areas to address

The layout, so how everything is set out and positioned on the page, the typography meaning the font used, the colour and the size in correlation to the article. The images, are there a lot of pictures in the article, this could have an impact on he audience or the genre of the film. The Language of the article how is the writing structured, and the type of language techniques that are used. And finally the content in the article, how is the writer describing and illustrating the film to the audience, does the content make you want to go and see the film.

Impact on the audience

when analysing  a film review its important to think why each choice has been made as there is always a specific reason why each decision has been made. It’s especially important to think about the audience and how the review will make them feel in regards to the film and wanting to see it. A review could make a person feel in a variety of ways, and the writer of a review needs to take into consideration how they want their audience and/or reader to feel for example, do they want to be involved, does it want to be funny or sarcastic, formal or informal, exciting, passionate, sad to evoke emotion, intriguing or educating, there are many options but each review needs to relate and cater to the film genre and target audience.


Layout is very important the writers and editors of the review have to decide how they want to set out the article, what is the image text ratio going to be, how many pictures are going to be included and where they will be positioned in relation to the rest of the article. A writer also needs to decide whether or not a headline is going to be included in the article, if so they need to make sure it is engaging and eye-catching to keep the reader intrigued. Also how cluttered the article should be, should it be spread out with not a lot of information, or should the article look busy with a variety of information and pictures.


A write has to also make the decision about what kind of impression they want to portray to the reader, do they want to portray a positive or a negative voice, there could also include a review of the director of the film, and their style, the acting and whether it is good or not, and of course the narrative, however this is controversial as a writer wants to let the audience know what happens in the film in order for the reader to want to watch the film, however the writers have to be careful not to give away any spoilers. They could also include possible nominations and awards for the film, which gives the film a good review alone. In film reviews you often also find similar films to the film that is being talked about which helps the audience decide also whether they are going to like it or not. also the final thin you will find in the content and is very useful is a star rating or out of 10 rating.

What is typography

Typography is the art and skill of arranging type to make written language relatable and appealing when displayed on the page. The arrangement of type involves, size of the font, line length, and adjusting the space within letters. Typographical influence the audience an awful lot depending simply on the side, colour and font type.

All of these elements are what makes up a good and substantial film review that will make an audiences decision on whether or not they are going to see and like the film.








Definition of genre:

genre is a tool that enables us to look at texts and audiences responses to texts, by splitting them into different categories relating to their similar elements they share. Daniel Chandler suggests that the word genre comes from ‘kind’ of ‘class’. All genres have sub genres, which means that they are separated into more specific categories. Barry Keith Grant suggests that this helps audiences to be able to identify them more specifically, be their recognisable characteristics.


These films are usually quite high budget with a high level of stunts and action hence the name of the genre. Could also possibly include rescues, battles, fights, escapes, and destructive crisis’s for example explosions, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, fires etc. Action adventure films mostly show binary opposition for example good vs evil. These films also showcase Vladimir Props narrative and character theory. A major sub-genre of this genre is disaster films.


Adventure films are usually exciting and short stories, very similar and often paired with action films. They can include traditional films known as swashbucklers, and historical spectacles, again similar to disaster films or treasure hunts.


Comedies are light hearted plots, these stories are deliberately used to provoke and amuse the audience. This genre shows different areas of cinematic photography including, slapstick, screwball, spoofs, parodies, romantic comedies, black comedies, and many more.

Crime and gangster:

Crime (gangster) films around the sinister actions of criminals or mobsters, particularly bank robbers. Featuring characters that operate outside of the law, breaking, stealing and murdering their way through life and society. Criminal (gangster) films are often categorised as ‘film noir’. This is due to the cinematic qualities of these type of films.


Drama films are serious cinematic presentations, depicting real life situations and characters. Usually they are not focussed on comedy, action or special effects, but portray a more serious approach to film. Drama films are probably the largest genre with many subsets.


Epics can sometimes be costume dramas, historical dramas, war films, that often show a large time frame set against a vast, panoramic backdrop. Epics share aspects of the elaborate adventure films. Epics take a historical and/or an imagined approach, they then add extravagant or elaborate examples of mise en scene, and a dramatic and sweeping musical score. Epics are a more spectacular and lavish version of a ‘biopic’ film.


These film are film are made to frighten and bring out your worst fears. Often in a terrifying and thrilling finale. While entertaining and captivating the audience at the same time in a cathartic experience. Horror film feature a wide range of styles from the first made to the latest made today. Horror films are often combined with Sci-fi, where the appearance of a monster is combined with a technological disaster, or when earth is threatened by aliens. Fantasy and supernatural films are not synonyms of horror. They are sub-genres of horror.


These films are films that incorporate all three elements of performing, acting, singing and dancing. Or they are films that centre around a combination of music.

The genre that I will be looking to replicate in my film is a thriller film, I choose this genre as I personally feel that it will be the most exciting and easy to access my creativity into.





Film Noir

What is film noir ?

A style or genre of cinematic film that marks and portrays a feeling of menace. The term was originally applied to American thriller or detective films, made in the period of 1944-54. It is said that with film noir, you could take a picture of the screen at any moment throughout the film, blow it up on a large scale and it would look aesthetically beautiful.

Top 5 film noir directors:

Robert Siodmak:

Robert Siodmak was a German born, American film director, he is best remembered as a thriller specialist, and for a series of stylish film noir that he made in the 1940’s.

Fritz Lang:

He studied at the College of Technical Sciences of Vienna’s Academy of Graphic Arts but unhappy with the career path chosen for him by his parents, he ran away to study art in Munich and Paris.


Modern day film noir, film noir has been showcased in modern day media in tv and film, a key example would have to be the current show PLL. there was an episode broadcasted where the show was ‘noirified’ as quoted by one of the lead actors. The episode depicted another reality and world that the character wakes up in, the key themes and ambiences of the show remain the same, just with a twist. The technical aspects of this episode are aesthetically beautiful. Each shot is stunning and crisp, the editing shows fluidity and consistency. and the miss en scene just adds to the scenes and really helps portray the time period that it is in. I think more shows should experiment with film noir. It added so much to the episode and was incredibly well recieved by the audience. Here is a video of the cast and crew talking about filming the episode behind the scenes on set.

Film noir is a type of peculiar genre, but in my opinion it is more of a creative style compared to a genre. Film noir is a unique style including a variety of codes and conventions, the codes and conventions are what makes it a type of genre. These include, stunning cinematography, fluid editing, a dark forbodding storyline, and minimal characters. The cinematography includes extreme closeups on certain features of the characters, reflections, and faces obscured through objects. Urban settings used to make whatever is happening in the scene a lot more realistic, Low key and/or high key lighting. Sounds you would hear in film noir include the following:
melancholy downbeat music
heavy breathing
use of quiet and silence
often discordant music
sudden noises
voice over of protagonist
sound effects to create ambience
The editing could also show, non linear storyline, use of jump cuts sometimes, occasions closeup then zoom out to reveal action.
Some narratives could also include the following themes or ideas:
black widow
double crosses
sin and punishment
downward spiral
one wrong decision
sexual obsession
Some characters that could be shows include;
the fall guy
beautiful women



Evaluation of last years work

Overall throughout the entire process of last year and the various tasks that we have been set I feel that I have grown and developed as a media student. Throughout the continuity task, we learnt a lot about continuity and the 180 rule. I personally acted in this so didn’t have a lot of input in any technical parts, however I learnt from this and for the final task, I made sure that I was much more technically involved, I made sure that I had much more input and put forward many more creative ideas.

Within this year of media, the task that we are required to do really excites me as it is all individual work, I love working individually, as it give some the opportunity to put all my creative and unique ideas into one project, I am really enjoying the process so far and am trying to come up with something different and original, which is another thing that I have learnt from last year.

When I leave school one of my options is to either become a writer/director or work with something to do with film, and in the film industry, so hopefully through doing a short film I will be ballot incorporate and practice many skills, which is another thing that I have learnt from last year, to try and get myself involved with more than one job.

Codes and conventions of a short film


Characters is really important to understand within short films, especially how many will appear in the film. Usually in a short film there are 2-3 main characters. Usually in  a short film the character story and development is quite short, so a long winded emotional backstory is not needed to get the point across, you just need 2-3 simple characters with a clear character arc.


Short films will usually contain some unexpected twist, this is to keep the audience engaged. Due to the film being so short and not a detailed storyline, the audience need and want a plot twist as it takes the story in a completely different direction, and keeps the film interesting,


Usually for a short film, the budget would be rather low, most short films are independant, meaning they don’t require funding from a production company. They can usually be made with a minimum budget. When I started my short film outside of school, we actually used crowd funding, and raised our budget through indiegogo, which is another option for funding.

Length: Short films can vary from a length of 5 mins to 35 mins, the required length of the film that we have to make is 5 mins, meaning a low affordable budget and not too complexed storyline.


Short films usually take a situation that everyone watching can relate to, and then flip it on it’s head in someway, and make it completely unexpected for the audience which is more interesting for them.