Analysis of film posters

Shutter Island



the main image that draws your eyes to the poster is the mysterious shillouette of the protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio, the image is blended into the background of the poster, its almost as though the protagonist is hiding away in secret, we gain this from his facial expressions showing suspicion and mystery. Another feature of the poster is the image of the island is in the foreground of the poster hiding the photo of the protagonist, this could be possibly foreshadowing that our protagonist is trapped on the island or something similar.

the location of the directors and actors names is strategically placed central in the middle of the poster, the editors and creators of the poster have done this, and made this decision, so the audience when looking at the poster their eyes will be drawn central to see who’s starring and that directing the film is a famous director, the font is bold swell which makes it more eye-catching and draws people in which is great advertisement and publicity.

The tagline of the poster relates to the film the tagline is ‘Some places never let you go’ this is referencing possibly to the storyline and teasing the audience and its a very intriguing tagline, which again is great advertising as it will draw the audience in intrigue them and persuade them to watch the film. The colour of the font is red which could possibly signify danger which again outlines some of the possible themes of the film.

At the bottom of the poster there is the information about who has all the other roles in the film for example who the producer, writer, editor is. It also includes some awards it has been nominated for already, which shows that its going to be a good film, also the production company is shows which gives more information and publicity for the audience.

Gone girl


gone girl poster



















In the foreground of the poster there is an image of a middle aged man looking down with his face slightly hidden not revealing to much to the audience, his shilouette is also a black shadowing porting darkness and mysterious reflecting some themes of the film. Black is a dark and brooding colour which could also reveal some characteristics about him. Towards the bottom of the poster there is an image of a news banner running through the poster this reveals a little about some events that will be occurring in the film which is teasing the audience, and the words in the newspaper headlines suggest someone is missing as doe step title, so it is clear to the audience what the film will be about.

The background and the setting to the poster is vast and empty representing loneliness again relating tot he context of the film, the colour is also rather washed out and not clear, the protagonists eyes are also faded and blended into the sky suggesting that she is present but not quite there almost as if she is vanishing.

At the top of the poster there is the other work of the director this is great for the audience as if they are a fan of the director and their other world, they might be getting  similar style and vibe through this film which might attract them if they are already  fan.

The tagline relates and foreshadows the events taking place in the film the tagline is ‘You don’t know what you have got until it’s…’ the triple dot at the end represents how quickly something can disaster and how it just drifts off with no explanation.

The bottom of the poster is again showcasing and displaying the titles of the roles and who partake sin each of them throughout the film, the production company info and awards and nominations.



Seven poster .jpg

















Overall the poster has a yellow tint to it which gives of a rugged and old impression which gives it an overall feel that something is happening as if the page is from a book thats been hidden for a years possibly giving the poster an ambience of eeriness. The white typography is extremely effective the white really makes it stand out against the yellowy background, and also white represents innocence and purity juxtaposing the feel of the poster.

The two characters featured as large images on the poster showing they are the protagonist and antagonist, the two characters are facing in different directions from one another showing they juxtapose each other this also shows an example of binary opposition. Facing in a vertical direction there is more typography which is typography of the seven deadly sins. Which link to the tagline which is ‘Seven deadly sings, seven ways to die’ Implying that there is one or more deaths in this film setting the tone.

The two leads featured on the poster are both central and are both exactly the same size showing that they have equal parts and equal screen time. Again like the previous two posters there is a variety of information on the bottom of the poster about the films roles, production company, awards and nomination. But in conclusion this poster is very clear that the film is of the thriller genre.




The tagline used in the poster is used in all the posters for the film which is obviously for a specific reasoning and thats to emphasise a certain part or message of the film without revealing the plot. The tagline also addresses the audience which is appealing to them as they will therefore feel more engaged and involved with the film. It will also make the tagline more memorable if they feel like they are involved.

The image is sark including blues and blacks which are stereotypical dark and mysterious colours that are likely to appear on a thriller poster, the use of low key lighting is also a convention that you would find on a thriller poster. Similar again to the other posters the credits are on the bottom of the poster for promotional and advertisement uses.

Having the name of the lead actor at the top of the poster in bold white writing immediately draws your attention and focus to who the actor is. Also the fact that the name is centred at the top suggests and makes it clear that this person is playing the lead or central character.

The main featured image is of the protagonist, however he is positioned so his back is facing away from the audience, this makes him more interesting and intriguing, and makes him seem some what sinister and mysterious as he is not facing us showing us he is hiding something, this immediately starts sparking questions from the audience on who this person is. There is a gun positioned in his hand, which is a key convention of a thriller violence film or an action film, which reveals a few features and themes that could be appearing in the plot of the film.

The release date is given on the poster which is a great selling point as it can have a huge impact on the demographic as the audience will be of a similar age, audiences also love to be informed so having the date give stem something to look forward to. The poster says experience instead of watch, this is again giving the audience a strong sense of involvement with the film, and they will be taken on a journey.

Dead Silence


The red tagline stands out on the black background, makes it stand out and appear that the audience are meant to be able to see it clearly, the tagline ‘You scream, you die’ is a threatening and menacing warning to the audience, especially due to the fact that the writing is in red connoting danger and clearly that its a warning.

The featured image is a closeup of a face, it is very intimidating and wants the audience to feel uncomfortable and unsettled. The face and his hand gesture relates to the tagline about silence, he also looks incredibly devious.

The pitch black gloomy background around the puppet connotes darkness and mystery through the use of shadows, the green eyes are also unsettling and almost quite hypnotic in the way that your eyes can’t miss it and are instantly drawn to the puppets eyes. We can see the age the puppet due to his wrinkly hands, the title dead silence is interesting as it is showing in order to be alive you have to be dead silent, however also if you die you are silent and it is the end.

The credits of the directors previous work is again at the top of the poster and one thing noticed is that the film is directed by the same person who directed saw, and the puppet looks and has a similar feel to jigsaw who is the puppet in saw. The date is not specified on the poster, is just says coming soon which leaves the audience intrigued.



The main image is of Esther the image in central to show she’s the central character and grab the audience.

The poster shows details of the film as usual including director producer etc this writing is a variety of sizes the release date in on larger font than anything else to make the date stand out.

The layout is clear the image in central the image is intriguing as the YOUNG girl is making direct eye contact with the audience it leaves a lasting impression and creates a sense of she’s always watching you the writing is clear giving it a simple yet effective effect. The white colour of the font standing out on the murky background.

The tag line there’s something wrong with Esther is more of a statement this helps the audience stay interested and will encourage them to want to find out the mystery.

The lighting adds a sense of a reality as it hasn’t been secretly enhanced or edited the dull lighting and Color adds seriousness to the poster.

The font of the title looks like child’s worrying which adds a sort of innocence however due to the tagline it’s an uneasy innocence

The black swan


The image dominates and takes over the entire poster the protagonists eyeline is Loki g straight into the audience, the image has been edited in order for her face to look cracked which could show conventions of thriller or phsycho logical horror

The title contrasts the the background as it’s black and white as does the quote from a review this helps it stand out so it can grasp the audiences attention.

There is no taglien on this poster but still a variety of useful information again the production company and director etc there is also a quote for a review which will make or break the audience opinion about the film on first impressions.the image is also so large and captivating a taglien would take away from the impact.

The poster includes information about the cast and crew but this includes the most famous actors/main characters names above the title of the film to advertise and promote the film further.

Unlike most posters this one does not seem to include or show a release date however this just leaves the audience more inticed and intrigued and is good for promotion as the audience will therefore follow the various social media promo accounts to find out about release




Credits int hose days the credits took up much more of the space on the poster however the fact that the writing is bold makes it stand out more and will catch the audiences attention. The title we can see is written in bold and chunky writing again so the audience can easily see it and that it stands out, the cracks in the font give off the impression of unstablitlity and thank something isn’t quite right, or that soemthing is missing and the cracks need to be filled with clues.

The directors name is in large scale font especially due to the fact that he is a very well known and recognised director, so the Fact that his name is in a larger font means it will stand out on the poster and again the audience will recognise it’s a Hitchcock film especially if they are fans of hitchocks work they are most likely to want to go and watch it.

The yellow woman on the poster represents all things good and happy, however in complete juxtaposition and another example of binory opposition the red shadows on the man shows danger and that he is a forbidding dark character as red connotes danger. The black background just enhances the contrast in these colours and helps them stand out even more.

The sell line is again not a tagline but a quote from a review this is another way to attract audiences as audiences rely on reliable reviews.

The overall colour scheme and the feel of the poster is what really makes it feel like a thriller poster the contrast between the yellow and red and then the dark gloomy background giving the impression of a dark forbidding presence all really adds to the overall effect and ambience.




The tagline is centred directly at the top of the poster so it is one of the first things you notice and one of the things that the audiences eyes will be drawn to first. The word terrifying is repeated this is to emphasise the genre of the film and show that it’s a thriller it also is showing that the producers and creative team want the audience to feel terrified. By saying number one best seller they are telling the audience that the film will be good and it will be a success.

The billing block credits are again positioned at the bottom of the poster in smaller writing however they are positioned in the centre so your eyes are still drawn to them, just not as much as ither typography, multiple pieces of information are located here for example directors production company and the age rating which is important and the audience need to know this also will establish a demographic for the film.

The title is central and is big and bold so everyone can see it the font is red again showing danger and it is placed infront of a white background helping it to stand out, this also again shows juxtaposition between purity and danger. The red also shows blood forboddding events to take place in the film.

The main 3 actors names are in white bold font against a jack background again to help it stand out this means if people recognise and out familiar with some of their other credits and like them as actors they will most likely come and watch another credit they are in.

The main image that is on the poster is late and takes up majority of the posters and is positioned in the centre, this again draws your eyes immediately to it, the image of the shark is positioned very cleverly underneath the word jaws matching the teeth or the shark and jaws. The size of the female in comparison to the ginormous shark shows she is weak and vulnerable. The white border helps yeh image stand out even more on the black background again grabbing ten audiences attention



The main image is of a tall man looking away showing an essence of mystery to him, the fact there are shadows covering shows another sign of intrigue for the audience as they want to know more about him and find out who he is. It’s al very secretive possibly suggesting he could be a spy or someone undercover

The tagline/ quote is very threatening and inimidtaing the word I used makes it more involeved for the audience and sound mor like a conversation rather than a plot reveal it engages and involves the audience more. It’s gives the basis of the film is a mysterious and clever way.

The colour scheme of black white and grey gives a sisnistet ambience to the poster and portrays the film to be quite dark and forbodding foreshadowing death and mystery. However the orange text on the poster for the title helps that stand out and your eyes are drawn directly to it, it will be easily remembered. Having the lead actors name at the top of the poster positioned central again really helps it stand out, your eyes are drawn to it which is a great unique selling point, especially if some audience members could be fans of his work and previous credits, they will most likely come see the film, so positioning the actors name where everyone can see it is very useful.

The pistol merges into the foreground helping to be bold and stand out the weapon is promenant and from this weapon being used this poster looks to be conventionally from the thrille genre. This also suggests that he is some kind of spy looking to kill.

Again the information on the bottom is smaller but still centred so we can still see it it’s just not the main feature by any means however still useful for an audience member


Experience of writing and film making

In February 2015 I began the process of writing and making a short film, I have always had a passion for acting and writing, and so I thought that I would combine the two together and I began the process of film writing. I completed the first draft of the script and then we began the process of sourcing cast and crew. It was an interesting process, and I instantly felt like I was involved in the professional world of film making, due to all the creative people that I was interaction with, we managed to source a Director, and my mum who is involved with film agreed and volunteered to step up as a producer, we then began the process of sourcing professional script advisors and editors




Analysing a film review

Areas to address

The layout, so how everything is set out and positioned on the page, the typography meaning the font used, the colour and the size in correlation to the article. The images, are there a lot of pictures in the article, this could have an impact on he audience or the genre of the film. The Language of the article how is the writing structured, and the type of language techniques that are used. And finally the content in the article, how is the writer describing and illustrating the film to the audience, does the content make you want to go and see the film.

Impact on the audience

when analysing  a film review its important to think why each choice has been made as there is always a specific reason why each decision has been made. It’s especially important to think about the audience and how the review will make them feel in regards to the film and wanting to see it. A review could make a person feel in a variety of ways, and the writer of a review needs to take into consideration how they want their audience and/or reader to feel for example, do they want to be involved, does it want to be funny or sarcastic, formal or informal, exciting, passionate, sad to evoke emotion, intriguing or educating, there are many options but each review needs to relate and cater to the film genre and target audience.


Layout is very important the writers and editors of the review have to decide how they want to set out the article, what is the image text ratio going to be, how many pictures are going to be included and where they will be positioned in relation to the rest of the article. A writer also needs to decide whether or not a headline is going to be included in the article, if so they need to make sure it is engaging and eye-catching to keep the reader intrigued. Also how cluttered the article should be, should it be spread out with not a lot of information, or should the article look busy with a variety of information and pictures.


A write has to also make the decision about what kind of impression they want to portray to the reader, do they want to portray a positive or a negative voice, there could also include a review of the director of the film, and their style, the acting and whether it is good or not, and of course the narrative, however this is controversial as a writer wants to let the audience know what happens in the film in order for the reader to want to watch the film, however the writers have to be careful not to give away any spoilers. They could also include possible nominations and awards for the film, which gives the film a good review alone. In film reviews you often also find similar films to the film that is being talked about which helps the audience decide also whether they are going to like it or not. also the final thin you will find in the content and is very useful is a star rating or out of 10 rating.

What is typography

Typography is the art and skill of arranging type to make written language relatable and appealing when displayed on the page. The arrangement of type involves, size of the font, line length, and adjusting the space within letters. Typographical influence the audience an awful lot depending simply on the side, colour and font type.

All of these elements are what makes up a good and substantial film review that will make an audiences decision on whether or not they are going to see and like the film.








Definition of genre:

genre is a tool that enables us to look at texts and audiences responses to texts, by splitting them into different categories relating to their similar elements they share. Daniel Chandler suggests that the word genre comes from ‘kind’ of ‘class’. All genres have sub genres, which means that they are separated into more specific categories. Barry Keith Grant suggests that this helps audiences to be able to identify them more specifically, be their recognisable characteristics.



These films are usually quite high budget with a high level of stunts and action hence the name of the genre. Could also possibly include rescues, battles, fights, escapes, and destructive crisis’s for example explosions, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, fires etc. Action adventure films mostly show binary opposition for example good vs evil. These films also showcase Vladimir Props narrative and character theory. A major sub-genre of this genre is disaster films.


Adventure films are usually exciting and short stories, very similar and often paired with action films. They can include traditional films known as swashbucklers, and historical spectacles, again similar to disaster films or treasure hunts.


Comedies are light hearted plots, these stories are deliberately used to provoke and amuse the audience. This genre shows different areas of cinematic photography including, slapstick, screwball, spoofs, parodies, romantic comedies, black comedies, and many more.

Crime and gangster:

Crime (gangster) films around the sinister actions of criminals or mobsters, particularly bank robbers. Featuring characters that operate outside of the law, breaking, stealing and murdering their way through life and society. Criminal (gangster) films are often categorised as ‘film noir’. This is due to the cinematic qualities of these type of films.


Drama films are serious cinematic presentations, depicting real life situations and characters. Usually they are not focussed on comedy, action or special effects, but portray a more serious approach to film. Drama films are probably the largest genre with many subsets.


Epics can sometimes be costume dramas, historical dramas, war films, that often show a large time frame set against a vast, panoramic backdrop. Epics share aspects of the elaborate adventure films. Epics take a historical and/or an imagined approach, they then add extravagant or elaborate examples of mise en scene, and a dramatic and sweeping musical score. Epics are a more spectacular and lavish version of a ‘biopic’ film.


These film are film are made to frighten and bring out your worst fears. Often in a terrifying and thrilling finale. While entertaining and captivating the audience at the same time in a cathartic experience. Horror film feature a wide range of styles from the first made to the latest made today. Horror films are often combined with Sci-fi, where the appearance of a monster is combined with a technological disaster, or when earth is threatened by aliens. Fantasy and supernatural films are not synonyms of horror. They are sub-genres of horror.


These films are films that incorporate all three elements of performing, acting, singing and dancing. Or they are films that centre around a combination of music.





Film Noir

What is film noir ?

A style or genre of cinematic film that marks and portrays a feeling of menace. The term was originally applied to American thriller or detective films, made in the period of 1944-54. It is said that with film noir, you could take a picture of the screen at any moment throughout the film, blow it up on a large scale and it would look aesthetically beautiful.

Top 5 film noir directors:

Robert Siodmak:

Robert Siodmak was a German born, American film director, he is best remembered as a thriller specialist, and for a series of stylish film noir that he made in the 1940’s.

Fritz Lang:

He studied at the College of Technical Sciences of Vienna’s Academy of Graphic Arts but unhappy with the career path chosen for him by his parents, he ran away to study art in Munich and Paris.


Modern day film noir, film noir has been showcased in modern day media in tv and film, a key example would have to be the current show PLL. there was an episode broadcasted where the show was ‘noirified’ as quoted by one of the lead actors. The episode depicted another reality and world that the character wakes up in, the key themes and ambiences of the show remain the same, just with a twist. The technical aspects of this episode are aesthetically beautiful. Each shot is stunning and crisp, the editing shows fluidity and consistency. and the miss en scene just adds to the scenes and really helps portray the time period that it is in. I think more shows should experiment with film noir. It added so much to the episode and was incredibly well recieved by the audience. Here is a video of the cast and crew talking about filming the episode behind the scenes on set.

Film noir is a type of peculiar genre, but in my opinion it is more of a creative style compared to a genre. Film noir is a unique style including a variety of codes and conventions, the codes and conventions are what makes it a type of genre. These include, stunning cinematography, fluid editing, a dark forbodding storyline, and minimal characters. The cinematography includes extreme closeups on certain features of the characters, reflections, and faces obscured through objects. Urban settings used to make whatever is happening in the scene a lot more realistic, Low key and/or high key lighting. Sounds you would hear in film noir include the following:
melancholy downbeat music
heavy breathing
use of quiet and silence
often discordant music
sudden noises
voice over of protagonist
sound effects to create ambience
The editing could also show, non linear storyline, use of jump cuts sometimes, occasions closeup then zoom out to reveal action.
Some narratives could also include the following themes or ideas:
black widow
double crosses
sin and punishment
downward spiral
one wrong decision
sexual obsession
Some characters that could be shows include;
the fall guy
beautiful women



Evaluation of last years work

Overall throughout the entire process of last year and the various tasks that we have been set I feel that I have grown and developed as a media student. Throughout the continuity task, we learnt a lot about continuity and the 180 rule. I personally acted in this so didn’t have a lot of input in any technical parts, however I learnt from this and for the final task, I made sure that I was much more technically involved, I made sure that I had much more input and put forward many more creative ideas.

Within this year of media, the task that we are required to do really excites me as it is all individual work, I love working individually, as it give some the opportunity to put all my creative and unique ideas into one project, I am really enjoying the process so far and am trying to come up with something different and original, which is another thing that I have learnt from last year.

When I leave school one of my options is to either become a writer/director or work with something to do with film, and in the film industry, so hopefully through doing a short film I will be ballot incorporate and practice many skills, which is another thing that I have learnt from last year, to try and get myself involved with more than one job.

Codes and conventions of a short film


Characters is really important to understand within short films, especially how many will appear in the film. Usually in a short film there are 2-3 main characters. Usually in  a short film the character story and development is quite short, so a long winded emotional backstory is not needed to get the point across, you just need 2-3 simple characters with a clear character arc.


Short films will usually contain some unexpected twist, this is to keep the audience engaged. Due to the film being so short and not a detailed storyline, the audience need and want a plot twist as it takes the story in a completely different direction, and keeps the film interesting,


Usually for a short film, the budget would be rather low, most short films are independant, meaning they don’t require funding from a production company. They can usually be made with a minimum budget. When I started my short film outside of school, we actually used crowd funding, and raised our budget through indiegogo, which is another option for funding.

Length: Short films can vary from a length of 5 mins to 35 mins, the required length of the film that we have to make is 5 mins, meaning a low affordable budget and not too complexed storyline.


Short films usually take a situation that everyone watching can relate to, and then flip it on it’s head in someway, and make it completely unexpected for the audience which is more interesting for them.

My chosen brief

My chosen brief is the short film I chose this brief as for GCSE media studies I made a music video, and I would love to further develop my skills as a media student and try something different. I also have quite a bit of knowledge on the film industry already, which hopefully I will be able to use and will be showcased in my final product.

Some examples of short films that have been successful would have to be:

  • Benh Zeitlin, ‘Glory At Sea’ (2008)
  • Michel Gondry, ‘Human Behaviour’ (1993)
  • Sofia Coppola, ‘Lick The Star’ (1998)
  • Martin McDonagh, ‘Six Shooter’ (2006)
  • Stephen Daldry, ‘Eight’ (1998)





The 4 media briefs

For our task we were given four briefs to look and do research into for our main task, these include.

Short Film : A short film lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animation, or a mixture of both. With side tasks of either a poster for the film, a film review featuring the film in the style of a magazine page, or a website homepage for the film.


Music Video : A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music video promo, no longer than five minutes duration, with two of the following. A cover for its release as part of a digipack (CD package). A magazine advertisement for the album release. A website homepage for the band.


Film Trailer : A promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer, together with the two of the following : A film magazine front cover, a poster for the film, a website homepage for the film


Advertising : An advertising package for a new product or service, to include two TV advertisements, together with two of the following: a TV programme sponsorship sequence,  a radio advertisement, a web pop up.

Introduction to A2 media

I am really looking forward to A2 media after studying and completing the tasks for AS, I feel that I have learnt so many skills through working in a group. I also learnt and made mistakes that I have now grown and learnt from, so I am excited to work independently on my own creative ideas, and hopefully use my skills within the media to create really unique and interesting product.